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fig. 1 - rambutan in the Supermatcha Body Lotion, sourced from sustainable orchards in Vietnam, acts as a plant based retinol alternative to help delay accelerated signs of aging.

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chicory root.

source: the netherlands
prebiotic for microbiome health


source: vietnam
aids in radiance

snow mushroom.

source: U.S.
adaptogen for hydration


source: U. S.
rich in vitamins A, C + polyphenol antioxidants

chamomile flower.

source: egypt
calms and soothes skin


source: japan
promotes enhanced glow


source: vietnam
plant-based retinol alternative

mandarin rind.

source: italy
in Brightening Body Wash fragrance no.0072


source: south korea
vitamins B1, B12, B2

hibiscus flower.

source: egypt
natural aha (alpha hydroxy acid) + anthocyanin antioxidants

indian gooseberry.

source: india
evens skin tone

coffee bean.

source: U. S.
helps reduce the appearance of cellulite


source: asia
super antioxidant for breakouts


source: india
rich in vitamins C & B6


source: switzerland
anti- inflammatory + antioxidant + brightening active


source: U.S.
rich in phenolic acid + flavonoid antioxidants

sunflower seed oil.

source: spain
has provitamin D + omega 6


source: france
in Brightening Body Wash Fragrance No.0072

radish root.

source: U.S.
rich in vitamins A, C + antioxidants.

meadowfoam seed oil.

source: canada
rich in vitamin E + omega 9

aloe leaf.

source: U.S.
has vitamins A, C, E + B12 + folic acid

ceramide np.

source: south korea
active for skin barrier optimization

hyaluronic acid.

source: U.S.
active for intense moisture


source: spain
highly effective emollient + antioxidant

zinc pca.

source: france
active that helps regulate sebum production

cacay oil.

source: india
has vitamins A, E, F + omega 6


source: china
has vitamins B12, K + magnesium

goji berry.

source: china
rich in vitamins A, C + antioxidants


source: U.S.
has vitamin B1 + magnesium

lactobacillus ferment lysate.

source: U.S.
postbiotic for microbiome balance

hydrogenated lecithin.

source: south korea
emollient to soften & soothe

ascorbyl glucoside.

source: japan
antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals


source: malaysia
potent humectant for hydration


source: spain
vitamin E + antioxidant

mandelic acid.

source: china
AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) + antioxidant

sucrose stearate.

source: japan
highly effective emollient

maltobionic acid.

source: china
natural PHA (polyhydroxy acid) + Antioxidant

acetyl hexapeptide - 8.

source: spain
active that helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles

hydrogenated olive oil.

source: spain
rich source of antioxidants

sodium olefin sulfonate.

source: U.S.
surfactant derived from coconut

cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine.

source: U.S.
surfactant derived from coconut

sorbitan oleate.

source: U.S.
plant-derived emulsifier